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黛比L. 布鲁克斯

Clerk of State and Superior Court

132 E. 所罗门圣. 格里芬,GA 30223

Mailing Address Clerk of Court

P.O. 1046箱
格里芬,GA 30224
Office hours: Monday-Friday 8:00a.m. 至下午5时.m.

e-filing: Odyssey E-File


黛比L. 布鲁克斯,职员 770-467-4309

雪莉史密斯, Chief Deputy Clerk 770-467-4745

Tammy查普曼, Deputy Clerk 民事法庭 770-4674746

艾丽卡乔丹, Deputy Clerk 州法院 Criminal 770-467-4745

塔利亚贝克, Deputy Clerk 房地产 770-467-4356

The Clerk of the Superior Court is a Constitutional Officer, which means the position was created by an act of the Legislature in the State Constitution. This Clerk has been a county Constitutional Officer since the framers of the Georgia Constitution of 1798 provided for election of the Clerk of Superior Court in each Georgia County. The Clerk is elected every four years. As the keeper of the records. The Clerk is responsible for protecting the integrity of public records and public funds, establishing an index and issuing every paper under the court seal.

民事法庭 (770) 467-4746

State and Superior Court




The Spalding County 法院书记’ Office is excited to announce that 公证程序s are now available online. This service includes New Applicants, renewing applicants and offers the ability to provide a change of address.

Applicants will go to GSCCCA.ORG, Click on the Notary and Apostilles button, Click on Notaries then select Notary Public Application form and follow directions.

You will need to complete the form and bring the completed application to the Spalding County Clerk of Court’s Office, along with your Georgia Drivers’ License and the application fee of $51.00.

We accept cash, credit cards, debit cards and business checks.
Spalding County Superior Court(Terms of Court: 2nd Monday in March and September)